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  • Property Tax Service Agreement

    Service: Tax Protest Consultants, LLC (hereinafter referred to as Tax Protest Consultants) agrees to represent client and client's designated properties for property tax appraisal purposes. The scope of this agreement includes representation designated property in the appraisal appeal process but does NOT include Binding Arbitration, or an appeal to the District Court or any activity determined to be the practice of law. Client agrees to assist Tax Protest Consultants in any way reasonable as mutually agreed. Tax Protest Consultants reserves the right and is expressly authorized to withdraw a protest at any time the withdrawal would be in the Client's best interest or if the evidence does not indicate a reduction in taxable value is achievable. Tax Protest Consultants cannot guarantee that a reduction will be achieved as a result of the protest process.

    Fees & Payment: All fees are contingent on the results, if there is no reduction in the Property’s Assessed Value there will be no fee or charge owed. Owner agrees to pay a contingent fee of 30% of tax savings. Tax savings are defined as the difference between the Initial Assessed Value and the Final Assessed Value obtained, multiplied by the last known tax rate. Fees shall be due and payable 30 days after Tax Protest Consultants’ notification to Owner of an Official Decision issued. Any unpaid Invoice for more than 30 days after the bill has been sent shall be deemed delinquent. Client agrees to pay interest on any unpaid balance at a rate equal to the lesser of the maximum lawful interest rate allowed by applicable Texas law or eighteen percent per annum. Tax Protest Consultants may collect the costs incurred in enforcing this Agreement, including, but, not limited to, collection fees, court costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees.

    In the event of a sale of the Property, all fees due hereunder shall be the undersigned Owner’s obligations, notwithstanding the sale. All warranties have been disclaimed, and Company’s liability for any error, omission, action, inaction, statement or representation is limited to the amount of fees paid under this contract for the year(s) in dispute. In case of litigation arising from this agreement, the parties agree that venue shall be exclusively in Tarrant County, Texas.

    This Service Agreement will remain in effect until canceled by either party with a 30-days prior written notice. Tax Protest Consultants will continue to protest your property taxes every year until this agreement has been canceled.

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